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my class photo Dear Parents and Students,

Life has certainly had its twists and turns. Our daily routines and the way we interact with people has been disrupted. This has not been easy. Thank you for being my partner in distant learning.

Teaching through remote learning has its challenges and I appreciate the support that you have given me during this crisis. Although your child was not learning in a traditional way, I hope that your child did make progress whether it was academic, learning how to use technology, learning how to adapt to change, learning how to persevere, or learning life-long skills that will better prepare them for the future. Keep in mind that there are many forms of learning. For example, building and creating things using recyclables, playing in the yard, cooking, counting coins, making playdough, etc. My goal was to keep your child engaged in a variety of activities that could be done mostly independently and to provide continuous individual feedback on their work. My other goal was to be a support to you during this time. In some small way, perhaps I positively contributed to your family.

Please do not use your energy worrying about the new schoolyear. This has been a traumatic time in our lives and this has impacted all of us emotionally. When this happens sometimes there is a shift in priorities. The people that we love have been our priorities. Getting through each day has been a priority. Taking care of others’ needs has been a priority. You have tended to the most important things in your lives with courage!

Think of me as a bridge between second and fourth grade. I will begin the new schoolyear filling in second grade learning gaps. Just like filling holes in your wall with putty before moving on to painting the walls, these learning gaps need to be filled in before exploring new third grade content. Additionally, social emotional learning will need tender nurturing. Platforms for digital learning will include Google Classroom (our homebase) and Seesaw (student work and teacher feedback). Synchrnous learning will occur daily through ZOOM or Google Meet.

I never imagined teaching school in this way. I will fondly remember each student and the special connections we make as we navigate our way through the Covid-19 quarantine together.

Please contact me with ANY problems. I enjoy your feedback about what is working for your child and what is not.

Enjoy the rest summer and continue to build new happy memories.

All my best to each and every one of you!

Most sincerely,

Donna Blake

Where to find things:

1. Reading, Math, Reading, and Writing Reinforcement (Click Learning Links Tab)

(A new IM Math Talk link has been added - this is engaging for the entire family1)

2. Social Studies and Science Tab for fun enrichment

3. Printable Grade Two ELA Packet (from WGBH)

4. Printable Grade Two Math Packet (from WGBH)

Additional Information:

* Word study pages can be printed before completing

* Writing Doodles can be printed before completing (these are located below Fundation Word Study links

This is a spreadsheet of companies offering free digital accounts for students:


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