Rules & Procedures

RTC- Please know that I do give verbal warnings about the rules before I ask the questions. If a child has been asked the questions on three different occations, then they have been disrupting learning many times that day.

Question 1- What are you doing?

Question 2- What are the rules?

Question 3- What happens if you break the rules?

Quetion 4- What would you like to do now?

Student may be asked the questions three different times during the school day. The third time being asked the questions, it will result in check/circle and this may affect their weekly progress report that goes home on Fridays.


I expect ALL students to behave appropriately in the classroom, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, special area classes, the playground, and in every other area of the school building. The entire school has adopted this Plan. 1. Be in your assigned seat, ready to work when the bell rings. 2. Bring/Have paper, pencil, books, and all needed materials everyday. 3. HFBO: Keep your hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself. 4. NO cussing, rude gestures, cruel teasing, or put downs. 5. Follow directions of adults working at this school. Be responsible, be respectful, be cooperative, be peaceful, and be safe

Important Information

January 6-10


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Homework -Math


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