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Links & Web Addresses

Every website address you add to your pages now automatically becomes a link for the reader. For example, if you type or into any large blue text box (on your update page) they will automatically become links to those websites when the page is viewed by the reader. We call this automatic link formatting, and it works on every page of all our website templates. Here are the rules to make it work...

Anything you type in that ends with:

  • com
  • net
  • org
  • edu
OR begins with:
  • http
  • www
becomes a link on your website page.Really long links will be shortened to fit on your page but still function correctly, like this link... which is actually

Email Addresses

Complete e-mail addresses that contain the '@' and '.' characters are automatically converted to 'mail to' links. Mail to links automatically open with the readers default email service. Here's mine...

Sharing Files

If you'd like to share a file with your students or parents, simply upload it from your website update page and copy the link. Paste that link anywhere you want to share the file, just as I have done below. Common file types that we can share for you are images, word documents, PDF files, zipped files, & powerpoint presentations. Files are limited to 4MB each. Here is a worksheet that I've uploaded for you to print at home: https://www.amazing..776moon_journal.pdf

Embedding Youtube Videos

Simply copy the embed code from your youtube page and paste it in to your edit box. The code is found on youtube by clicking share, then embed. It should look something like this: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

and will give you this..

Basic HTML

If you want a large title use the H2 tags around your text.
<h2>Title</h2> becomes...


If you want Italics text, use

<i>your text</i> and you will get italics text.

If you want bold text, use

<b>your text</b> and you will get bold text.

If you want underlined text, use

<u>your text</u> and you will get underlined text.

Spacing & Lists

Adding a new paragraph is simple. Simply hit enter twice between sentences while editing text boxes on your website update page. For a single line break a <br> tag can be inserted. Making a bullet list as seen above is also simple. Add this to your text area and edit the item names.
<ul><li>Item 1</li><li>Item 2</li><li>Item 3</li><li>Item 4</li></ul>


Displaying images on your website is a 2 step process. First the image needs to be hosted online somewhere. There are many great free image host services like or or we can host it for you. Follow the directions above to upload an image file and copy the link to it. Once we have the link, we'll use an html tag called IMG which can be copied here...

<img src="LINK TO YOUR IMAGE HERE" style="padding:12px" width="225" align="left">

Just substitute your image link into where it says then copy the whole thing into your edit box.

I hope this helps to better explain how our website templates format pages here at We definitely recommend to refresh your webpage (after saving your edits) and check that everything is where you want it to be. If you find something out of place, let us know and we'll try to get it fixed.

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