Extra Credit Class

CURRENT EVENTS Students may complete ONE current event per trimester. Find a news article in English that has to do with the Spanish-speaking world. Make sure to include the source of the article, 5 sentence summary of the article, 5 sentence reflection (all of these parts in English). Also create a Spanish/English dictionary with 10 new words from the article. Make sure to include the definite article(el la los las) if it is a noun. Por ejemplo, island - la isla If it is a verb make sure that you write the Spanish in original form (infinitive) correr - to run


Duolingo is a free language-learning application, which allows me to track student's progress, but they MUST share their progress,which is under profile then progress sharing. Send your progress to Our group is called Scandy's Spanish. Grades 4-8 are utilizing this amazing app and will continue throughout their SMS years, but I encourage all students, parents and friends to participate in this language learning fun. For grades K-3 they may need help setting up the profile so please help, learn and enjoy!!! I challenge you to begin another language as well. Buena suerte...***

Download app Duolingo, create profile and begin the interactive lessons. Make sure to share your progress with me. Go to settings and click on Share Progress. Submit to and I can then track your progress. Also, when sharing your progress make sure to fill in Scandy's Spanish in the Class section.For each lesson completed (when the owl turns gold) earn certificates for each individual quiz. This DOES NOT include strengthening your owl once it is no longer gold. You must strengthen it to stay strong with language, but you may ONLY earn the allotted amount of quizzes (individual award) per lesson.