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Welcome to Math Facts' 5th Grade Classroom!
View original image in a new window. Welcome to 5th Grade!! You will be using this website to complete your math facts! It is my goal to make sure that you all succeed, so that we can all go to Blackbeard's together. Practice every day, and never give up!! You all can do it!!


Sybil Crookham
7160 W Walnut Ave
Winton, CA 65388
209-357-6182 (office)
7621 (voicemail)
Room #21
kbrumley [at]
Important Information

September 9th

Monday:Math, ELA, Reading Homework
Tuesday:Math, ELA, Reading Homework
Wednesday:Math, ELA, Reading Homework - SHORT DAY
Thursday:Math, ELA, Reading Homework - Study for Friday Tests!
Friday:NO HOMEWORK - Enjoy your weekend!!