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Family 2 Family Learning Center was established in June of 2005. We have a history of serving students from all walks of life for over 20+ years. Family 2 Family Learning Center was founded by Mrs. Tamika Brown. Mrs. Brown initially started Family 2 Family Learning to provide quality in-home childcare services to parents. Over the years, Family 2 Family has grown into an early learning program, private Pre-k program, homeschool program, academic tutoring, and more.

Since 2005, Family 2 Family has been a leader in providing the best one-on-one education

services in Metro Atlanta. Our goal is to continue to put quality education in the homes of students and families that need it throughout the metro Atlanta area and its surrounding cities.

Take a look around and explore all the information we have for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns in regards to your child's education.


Family 2 Family Learning Center

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Monthly Motivation

Monday:Be ready to crush the day!
Tuesday:You can do all things if you believe!
Wednesday:There is greatness in you!
Thursday:You are powerful!
Friday:Choose your thoughts carefully!