Mrs. Bossard's 1st Grade Homework
HOMEWORK: Homework folders are to be brought back everyday with any math homework or papers that need to be turned in.

1. Reading Log: Students are to choose a book to read each night. Students are to read for at least 15-20 minutes every night. After your child has done their reading, please spend at least 5 minutes asking your child questions as to what the book was about.

Parents please make sure to complete the monthly reading log everyday your child reads. Make sure to put the title, how many minutes they read that day, and your initials.

Students can read any books they have at home. Make sure it is a book they are able to read with some or no support. If you do not have books at home, you can take your child to the library and check a few out, or I am willing to check out books as well from my library. I will just have you sign a sheet stating that you agree to replace any books that might accidentally get lost.

2. Daily Math Homework: The daily math homework will be sent home each week, Monday - Thursday, and will be due the following day. The daily math homework will coincide with the math lesson that we teach that day in class.

3. --Guided Reading Books: Guided Reading Book are to be read 2-3 times a night. This is in addition to their Reading Log (20 minutes of reading) in their homework folder. Please make sure your child has their Guided Reading Book everyday to turn in. They will need it during school time, so make sure they put it back in their backpacks when they are done reading it for the night. The book will be DUE on Friday for me to switch out their book. I will give them a new one every Monday.

Please make sure they are responsible for their books and do not lose them or color in them.

4. Fluency Passage: Please have your child read the fluency passage everyday and complete the activities for each day that are listed on the back, in addition to reading the story. Please read the cover letter with directions and follow the daily activities. These are to be signed by you and turned in on Friday. This activity will build your child's reading fluency and comprehension and over all help them to become better readers. :)

5. If Needed-- Students are to practice writing their letters and numbers that are in their homework folder every night with a dry erase marker. They may write right on the sheet protector.

List of Websites for Online Books:

*****Here is a link to websites that you can use to challenge your students if you want more challenging homework. These are websites that you can use at home and/or print worksheets for your child to work on:


Homework - week of may 20th - may 24th
Monday: No Homework
Tuesday: No Homework
Wednesday: No Homework
Thursday: No Homework
Friday: No Homework

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Week of May 20th - May 24th

Monday:Popsicle Day 1:30-2
Tuesday:Pajama and Book Day
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