Mrs. Bossard's 1st Grade Classroom Rules
Rules & Procedures
Our Classroom Rules:

1. Always do your best!

2. Be kind with words/actions.

3. Follow directions the first time.

4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

5. Take care of your environment.

6. Make your dear teacher happy! :)

We use Class Dojo as a classroom management tool. Dojo is aligned to the 21st century skills. They can receive and lose points based on their choices through out the day.

You can get on to Class Dojo and see how their day is going and it is very specific. Please make sure if you are seeing consistent positive or negative behavior on Dojo, you either praise their behavior or sit and have a discussion with your child about how to make better choices.

Every child is expected to behave appropriately in the classroom, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, the playground, and in every other area of the school campus as well as be respectful, and use manners with other students and adults. During work time, every student is expected to be on task working on their work. Students may talk using a “six inch voice” (Voice Level 2 'whisper") as long as it is related to their work and they do not disturb other student’s work. If a disagreement/conflict arises between students, then, they may use the peace flower/peace place to help them solve their problem or use their Bugs and Wishes to help express their feelings.

I will always be FAIR, but fair is not always EQUAL. Sometimes, students need different accommodations that others may not benefit from. In this case, I will strive to make the best learning environment for each student, so that ALL can learn effectively. I will keep parents and caretakers apprised of any special circumstances that arise.

I appreciate and covet your support. Together, we can make this a wonderful year of learning for your student! :)


Alpine School District
Desert Sky Elementary
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801-610-8739 (office)
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Important Information

Week of May 20th - May 24th

Monday:Popsicle Day 1:30-2
Tuesday:Pajama and Book Day
Wednesday:Dance Festival 9:30-10:45
Thursday:End of Year School Assembly-- Pizza Party 2-2:30
Friday:Last Day of School 9:15-10:45