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Mr. Jackson's 2nd Grade Comm. Arts Class
The students will read the story 'The Mystery of the Missing Lunch'.

The skills this week are: Problem and Solution.

The strategy we are working on is: Making inferences and analyzing.

Starfall.com is a super fun website to play reading games.

Vocabulary Words & Meanings
assignments: work given by others to be completed by you
allergies: an abnormal reaction of the body to contact with an allergen, such as grass or dust
accuse: To charge someone with wrong doing
suspicious: tending to cause or excite suspicion; questionable
evidence: that which tends to prove or disprove something
consume: to destroy or use something up; eating or drinking something
brother: a male sibling
sister: a female sibling
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Room #52a

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Important Information
Week of October 19th
A-Day (Gym & Library)
B-Day (Music & Art)
C-Day (Computers)
Picture day - D-Day (Specials)
Half day of school today!