Mrs. Ann Buehler's 6-8 Computer Class

my photo May 3, 2021

Dear Parents and Students --

We are in the last month of school!!! AAAHHHH! Where does the time go? Please be sure to check FACTS. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

The first 6th graders finished Type to Learn!!!! YAY!!!! Way to Go, Charlotte, Matthew, Matthew, and Andrew!!!!

ALL 8th graders need to be on Lesson 25 in TTL by Friday, May 15.

ALL 6th and 7th graders need to complete 5 additional lessons in TTL by May 15.

Students will work on keyboarding all year. Keyboarding is a life skill, which will serve students well throughout their lives.

Sixth graders worked on inserting Word Art, etc. Seventh graders worked on Excel. Eighth graders worked on memories for their 8th grade portfolios. Thank you to all who sent in pictures!!! Please send in Confirmation pictures.

If students miss class, please see Mrs. Buehler to make up the class. Thank you! Have a wonderful week! If you ever have any questions, please let me know. I am always happy to help!

I really appreciate all of the e-mail and questions students have asked. That's how they learn! I love helping and assisting students to become confident.

My contact information is Thank you!

God Bless,

Mrs. Buehler


Students Who Have Completed ALL 34 Lessons in TTL - WAY TO GO!!!!

Emily M. - 8

Alex B. - 7

Jackson W. - 7

Bryce C. - 7

Evelyn Q. - 8

Elizabeth M. - 8

Sabrina M. - 8

Natalie B. - 8

Michael S. - 8

Odin W. - 8

Shaan O. - 7

Audrey B. - 8

David F. - 8

Ellie S. - 8

Tessa W. - 8

Daisy D. - 8

Tyler M. - 8

Quinn S. - 8

Charlotte A. - 6

Matthew C. - 6

Gracie T. - 8

Kate S. - 7

Matthew S. - 6

Andrew F. - 6

Caroline D. - 8

Anna H. - 8

Henry L. - 8

Calendar of Events: May 3, 2021

Computer Class



Computer Class