MrsSoto and MrsGutierrez's 3rd Grade Class

my photo Mrs. Soto

Here is a little about myself. I graduated in May 2004 from UNM with my Master's Degree in Elementary Education and Technology. This will be my nineteenth year teaching. I am married with 5 children: Jennifer, Christopher, Josiah, Evan and Emmy. I love, love, LOVE dogs. I have three of them and I spoil them rotten!! I feel that teaching through technology is a MUST in today's world. Our room contains a Promethean Board, a document camera, iPads, Desktop and laptop student computers and ACTIVoters. We have a classroom blog and regularly participate in STEM challenges and global collaboration projects. Lastly, I always strive to achieve a healthy home-school relationship since it's vital to your child's success.

Mrs. Gutierrez

This is my nineteenth year in teaching. I graduated with a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education. I love spending time with family. I am married and have no children of my own, but feel very blessed to spend each day with a room full of kiddos. Like Mrs. Soto, I too believe that technology is important and necessary in our world. I look for opportunities to integrate technology in daily lessons such as iPads, Promethean Board, document camera, and computers. Your child will be exposed to STEM challenges and classroom blogs on a regular basis as well. I always look forward to working along side Parents in helping further their child's education.

Important Information: Week of September 18


Music (Soto and Gutierrez)


PE and Library (Soto) . PE and Computers (Ms. Gutierrez)

PE and Computer Lab (Soto) . PE and Library (Ms. Gutierrez)