Welcome to Our Second Grade Super Stars' Classroom Announcements!
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Please read this carefully so that you are aware of everything that happens in our busy room.

Your child needs to bring a backpack everyday. Please have your child bring a snack to eat during our first recess. Keep any supplies you've purchased at home to use during homework time.

Wonders Reading

The first reading unit is on Friends and Family. We will be reading stories about how families and friends learn, grow, and help one another. We will be blending words, reading high frequency words, going over vocabulary words, identifying nouns, and answering comprehension questions.

Comprehension tests are given on Thursdays. The students need to answer the questions in complete sentences.

Envision Math Corner

Chapter 1 is on Number Concepts. Students will be identifying odd and even numbers, they will describe 2-digit numbers as tens and ones, they will be writing 2-digit numbers in different ways, and they will be writing 2-digit numbers in expanded form.

Please practice addition and subtraction math facts with your child.

Science: Second grade students will be learning about animal life cycles in the Life Science unit

Social Studies: Second graders will be learning about Families, Now and Long Ago

Spelling: A spelling list will be stapled to the homework packet. Help your child practice the spelling words for the test on Friday morning. Spelling lists can be found on this website by selecting the tab, "Spelling Lists Info."

The vocabulary words for the Wonders stories are also included on the homework spelling list. The vocabulary words will be on weekly reading comprehension tests.

Homework: Homework packets will be given to students on Monday and the students need to return the completed homework packet on Friday. Make sure that all the packet is completed neatly and is correct.

Thank You!


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August 2023 to May 2024

Monday:Read Aloud for 20 Minutes/Practice Spelling Words/Complete Math
Tuesday:Read Aloud for 20 Minutes/Practice Spelling Words/Practice Addition or Subtraction Facts
Wednesday:Read Aloud for 20 Minutes/Practice Spelling Words/Complete Math
Thursday:Take a Spelling Pretest to Practice for the Spelling Test Tomorrow/Finish Packet
Friday:Turn in Homework Packet/Spelling Test