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It has been very difficult not seeing you at school every day. During these tough times, we need to pull together and try to stay on track with our learning.

One of the most important things about the learning process is reading and comprehending texts. Since your homeroom teachers are writing extensive lesson plans in reading, I do not want to overwhelm you, so we will be studying books for the remainder of the school year for fun. I want you to have fun reading. Spend time reading books with your parents and talk about them. If you are using Accelerated Reader, please take an A.R. test on the books we are reading. you are also free to take as many tests as you like on other books you are reading. Please go to the A.R. section an click the link to Tumblebooks. You will find hundreds of books that you may find interesting.

Remember that reading books daily can help improve your English, increase vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.


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Important Information

Week of May 4th

Monday:5/4- Read the story with your parent and discuss it with them
Tuesday:5/5- Answer the questions using complete sentences
Wednesday:5/6- Go over important vocabulary with your parents. Discuss the meaning.
Thursday:5/7- Re-read the story and write about what the author wanted you to understand.
Friday:5/8- Take an A.R. test on the story.