Our Second Grade Super Stars'  Back-To-School Class
Pleasant Grove Elementary School

Second Grade

Back to School Night

Curriculum Objectives & Expectations

What is second grade about? Second graders are moving away from sounding out words and moving towards having the ability to read fluently for information and pleasure. Students will progress from sentence frames (filling in the blanks) to sharing their own ideas as they learn formal reading and writing skills. Students are progressing through math showing different ways to add and subtract.

Math: Envision

Skills to be covered include:

Numbers from 0-1,000, including odd and even numbers,

Counting by twos, threes, fours, fives, and tens,

Place value,

Odd and even numbers,

Doubles facts,

Repeated Addition,

Addition and subtraction facts to 20,

Addition and subtraction with regrouping,

Also included are estimation, time, measurement, money, fractions, geometry, calendar, reading a thermometer, interpreting graphs, and problem solving.

Reading: Wonders/McGraw-Hill

Emphasis will be placed on reading, writing, grammar, spelling, speaking, and listening.

To help students to become confident and successful readers, they will practice comprehension, recognize the main idea, predict a story’s ending, develop vocabulary, and word attack skills-such as short/long vowel sounds.

Writing: Students are expected to practice and use proper sentence structure and grade level appropriate vocabulary. Skills to be taught will include the writing process (prewrite, rough draft, editing/proofreading, final copy). Students will be writing narrative, opinion, and informative writings. They will also be learning about compound words, contractions, root words, prefixes, suffixes, nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives.

Spelling: Spelling words come from the Reading Wonders curriculum. Students are encouraged to always try their best when spelling. It is important to frequently review spelling patterns and words on weekly lists.

Speaking: Choral reading, read aloud, responding to literature, role-play, and drama.

Listening: Observed daily in all curriculum areas.

Science: Amplify from Amplify Education Inc.

We will help your child explore a study of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. Students will be actively involved in learning through activities and hands-on experiments.

Social Studies: Impact from McGraw-Hill publishers

Students will learn about their families, community, nation, and world. They will learn about our Earth's continents and oceans as well as other map skills. Famous Americans will also be taught.

P.E.: Teachers will stress fitness, sportsmanship, and cooperation through physical education skills.


Homework: Teacher-communication is an important factor for establishing good homework habits. We have planned for homework to take 30-45 minutes each night. Students need to read for 15 minutes each night.


A Excellent 90% +

B Good 80% +

C Average 70% +

N Needs Improvement/Not Passing 69% or lower

Behavior: The classroom behavior of one child affects every child in the class. Children must cooperate and follow the class rules, or the class cannot function successfully.

If you ever have any questions regarding these policies or this program, please contact us at 685-9630 or if you prefer email. Thank you for your involvement and support.


Second Grade Staff

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August 2023 to May 2024

Monday:Read Aloud for 20 Minutes/Practice Spelling Words/Complete Math
Tuesday:Read Aloud for 20 Minutes/Practice Spelling Words/Practice Addition or Subtraction Facts
Wednesday:Read Aloud for 20 Minutes/Practice Spelling Words/Complete Math
Thursday:Take a Spelling Pretest to Practice for the Spelling Test Tomorrow/Finish Packet
Friday:Turn in Homework Packet/Spelling Test