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Comm. Arts Class

Students are practicing common core skills by answering a variety of questions after reading fourth grade level text. Students are applying reading strategies to help them better understand the questions and give detailed and accurate answers. Students are reading informational text and narrative text. Some of the reading skills we practice are identifying and analyzing the main idea/theme of a story, inferencing, context clues, and overall comprehension. Students are learning vocabulary and applying word patterns to strengthen their spelling and background knowledge. They apply writing skills and strategies to write narratively and informatively.

Reading nightly books that you enjoy is so important in strengthening your skills. Parents, you can help your child's reading comprehension by asking him/her questions about the story: What is the character like, and what is the evidence in the story to support your description? Describe the setting of the story. What is the problem that the characters are trying to solve? Make a prediction about what you think will happen next. For non-fiction, ask your child to explain details of what he/she learned about the main topic. As noted on the homework page, students should learn to enjoy reading by participating in reading activities of their choice (as listed on their reading log). The reading log is turned in every Monday morning.

Vocabulary will consist of academic words that are used across content area as well as high frequency words. We will do "word work" covering multi-syllabic patterns.

EPIC - visit this site for online books: www.getepic.com/students Our class code is: wrm9082

Read Theory: Login with your username (first name + last initial + 27) and password (coldwater27) www.readtheory.org/auth/login

Time for Kids magazines are now available free! Click on this link to get to the library: https://emagazines...e-bfc6-375386532281

Reading games! http://www.roomrecess.com/

Check out these fun writing games about writing letters, stories, newspaper articles, and more!


Helpful websites to practice reading/grammar/vocabulary skills are:

https://www.studyladder.com/ (students have their login information).



Two other links are below.

Vocabulary Words & Meanings

identify to figure out or show what something is
describe to tell about something using details
contrast to tell about how something is different from something else
support to help; to prove with evidence
justify show something to be right or true; prove
self-correct to make something right yourself
reflect to think about something deeply
recognize to identify something based on your knowledge and experience

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