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Science Class

Ch. 7 - Warm-Blooded Animals

Chapter Objectives:

-recall the differences between invertebrates and vertebrates and between warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals

-identify the characteristics of birds

-identify and describe the structures and features that benefit birds in survival and growth

-formulate a biblical explanation of why birds reproduce after their own kind

-sequence the stages of a birdís life cycle

-record observations of birds at a bird feeder

-identify the characteristics of mammals

-identify and describe the structures and features that benefit mammals for survival and growth

-sequence the stages of a mammalís life cycle

-compare/contrast the views about egg-laying mammals

-compare humans and mammals

-explain why understanding the different kinds of animals is important for caring for them

-identify the life cycle pattern that all cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals have

-compare/contrast life cycles of cold-blooded/warm-blooded animals

-identify similar and different patterns of inherited traits shared between offspring and their parents or among siblings

-identify a variation of an inherited trait

-identify animal instincts

-explain where an animalís instincts come from

-identify learned behaviors of some animals

-differentiate between inherited traits, learned behaviors, and instincts

-identify the purpose of blubber, feathers, and fur

-observe how blubber, feathers, and fur help keep animals warm

-record observations

-draw conclusions from data collected

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