Welcome to Mrs. Hanley and Ms. Maslak's Class!

my photo Week of March 19-23

Reading/Vocabulary: Students will continue our story: Invasion from Mars. We will focus on story structure as well as inferring/predicting to help our comprehension. Students will be tested Friday, March 23.

Math: Students will continue XtraMath and timed tests this week. Students will have a chapter 11 test Monday, March 19. They will begin chapter 7 on Probability and Statistics. This week they will learn about tables and bar graphs, line plots, finding range, median, mean, and mode for a set of data, bar graphs with two data sets, and predicting probability. They will have a test on chapter 7 Wednesday, March 28.

Religion: Students will begin chapter 11 on the Third Commandment. They will be tested Tuesday, March 27.

Spelling: Students will be pretested for the next unit.

Social Studies: Unit 3 will dive into United States human geography. They'll be focusing on the themes of geography: Movement & Human/Environment Interaction. This week we'll be discussing how humans impact the earth while reading a text by Chris Van Allsberg. In small groups, students will be creating a poster comparing 2 U.S. regions. The poster will be due Tuesday, March 27.

Science: Students will look for examples of erosion and deposition around the schoolyard. They'll also investigate how slope affects erosion and deposition.

Writing: Students will not have writing this week.

Grammar: Students will continue unit 3 on verbs. This week they will learn about present-tense verbs, past-tense verbs, and future-tense verbs. They will have a test on lessons 12-16 Tuesday, March 27.

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