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Interactive whiteboard resources available to our members:

Promethean ActivBoard™ Flipchart Files
Complete Lessons, Games, Classroom Management, and more...
ActivStudio (.flp) and ActivInspire (.flipchart) files.   (136 files)

Smartboard™ Notebook Files
Complete Lessons and more...
Notebook 9, 10, or 11 (.notebook) files.   (122 files)

Resource Packs
Backgrounds, Borders, Text, Clipart, and more...
Promethean resource pack (.as4a), Smart gallery (.gallery),
and compressed (.zip) png image files.   (196 files)

Additional classroom resources available:

Worksheets, Activity Centers, Forms, Behavior Reports, and more...
Word (.doc .docx) and PDF (.pdf) files.   (238 files)

True type font files to use in your projects.
True type font files (.ttf) packed inside zip files (.zip).   (38 files)

Fluency Practice
Fluency guided practice activities you can do with your class include:
common sight words (k-6), shapes, colors, letters, numbers, days, and months.

Random Student Picker
Randomly picks 1-6 students from your student list.

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