Rhyming Words Smart Notebook Lesson
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Rhyming Words Smart Notebook Lesson
Posted on 2/15/2013

About this author:
Mrs. Patty Dod is a first grade teacher in Tallahassee, Florida. She is in her third decade of teaching, but loves to be in a career where one is constantly learning new things! Creating flip-charts for the Promethean board has become a passion as the students love learning from the interaction on the board. She is also on the District Technology Team for Leon County Schools where she trains other teachers on Promethean.

Available in:

Smart Notebook Smartboard File
(Notebook 9, 10, or 11)

Covers Common Core Standards For:

Communication Arts

Grade Levels:
K 1

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Rhyming Words Smart Notebook Lesson

      Your students will be sure to write, and identify words that rhyme with this highly interactive Smartboard lesson from Patty Dod! This lesson incorporates tons of interaction with the board, including rhyming activities, containers, voting, and interactive games from the web! This 19 page lesson was designed and best suited for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grades. Enjoy!

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