Plural Nouns Lesson Smart Notebook
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Plural Nouns Lesson Smart Notebook
Posted on 3/6/2013

About this author:
Mrs. Gilchrist is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) who has dedicated her life to the education of children. She creates top-notch flipchart lessons and worksheets for elementary school teachers to use in their classrooms. She frequently trains school districts and presents at conferences around the country on using technology in the classroom.

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Communication Arts

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Plural Nouns Lesson Smart Notebook

      This Plural Nouns Smartboard lesson is jammed packed full of activities for your students. This lesson is over 54 pages and includes the following plural rules: add s, add es, add es to words that end in o, change y to i and add es, change f or fe to ves, and irregular plurals. It also includes activity builder activities, writing on the board, internet games and activities, as well as voting pages. Also download the plural worksheet attachment!

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