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Our Favorite Teachers
Teacher Name
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Grade School District
  Ms. Claflin K to 5 Odyssey Charter School Brevard County
  Ms. Mullaney 2nd Grade Red Rock Elementary School CCSD
  Mrs. Bland 3rd Grade Heritage Elementary Davis
  Mrs. Kuhns 4th Grade Kankakee Valley School Corporation Kankakee Valley School Corporation
  Mrs. Jessica Pre K S.E Private Academy Shelby County
  Mrs. Sheppard 7/8th grade Mountain Christian School
  Mrs Knight 4th Grade Sonora Elementary Springdale
  Mrs. Beaman 3rd Grade Crestview Elementary Graham
  Mrs. Baron 1st Grade Sunrise Drive sayville
  Miss Molnar 3rd Grade Heavilin Elementary School Valparaiso Community Schools
  Mrs. Meyer 3rd Grade Banyan Creek Elementary School Palm Beach County
  Kristin Jones 3rd Grade Heavilin Elementary Valparaiso Community Schools

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