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Ms. Nune's 4th Grade Classroom Rules
Rules & Procedures
IDA Bucks: Students earn Ida Bucks when they exhibit appropriate behavior. They are able to use their Ida Bucks to purchase items from the school store at the end of the month.

Treasure Chest: Students picked out group names. They earn points when they are completing work, on task, respectful, etc. At the end of the week, the group with the most points will get to pick a prize out of the treasure chest.

Attendance Incentive: If your child is present with no unexcused absences, they will participate in the attendance incentive at the end of the month. (Dance party, movies and popcorn, nacho day, etc.)

I expect ALL students to behave appropriately in the classroom, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, special area classes, the playground, and in every other area of the school building. The entire school has adopted this Plan. 1. Be in your assigned seat, ready to work when the bell rings. 2. Bring/Have paper, pencil, books, and all needed materials everyday. 3. HFBO: Keep your hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself. 4. NO cussing, rude gestures, cruel teasing, or put downs. 5. Follow directions of any adult working at this school. Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Cooperative Be Peaceful Be Safe


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