Mr. Isis' - 2nd Grade
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Classroom Home {2013 School Year}

my class photo Here is a little about myself...

I graduated in May 2000 from Any college with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. This will be my tenth year teaching. I have taught Sixth grade, Third grade, and Fourth grade.

I am married with a son. I love animals. I have three dogs, two ferrets, one cat, two red-eared slider turtles, a bunny, 2 micro hampsters, & 2 very large macaws (check out my picture).

I feel that teaching through technology is a MUST in today's world. Our room contains a Promethean Board, a LCD projector, an ACTIVslate, ACTIVpens, ACTIVwands, and ACTIVoters. I ask that all students treat my equipment as if it were their own!

Lastly, I always strive to achieve a healthy home-school relationship since it's vital to your child's success. Contact me any time (my info is to the right) if you ever need to discuss your child or their class work.

Email me anytime at: if you have any questions!

Students can visit these websites to play fun & educational games...




Social Studies:


Important Information - Week of October 8th

A-Day - Bookmobile! Bring back your library books!
B-Day (Music & Art)
Picture day - D-Day (Specials)
Teacher workshops - Half day for students!

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