Welcome to Ms. Darrens' Class!

my photo Every website address you add to your pages now automatically becomes a link to that page. For example, if you type funbrain.com and www.pbskids.org into any large text box (on your update page) they will automatically become links to those websites when the page is viewed by your students. We call this automatic link formatting, and it works on every page of this template. It also works on most of our other templates.

Here are the rules to make it work. Anything you type in that ends with:

  • com
  • net
  • org
  • edu

OR begins with:

  • http
  • www

becomes a link on your website page.

Really long links will be shortened to fit on your page but still function correctly, like the link below. Here is a worksheet that I've uploaded for you to print at home:


One more thing you might like to know is that if you want a new paragraph on your page simply hit enter twice before starting a new sentence.

I hope this helps explain how our website pages are formatted here at amazingclassroom.com