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Mrs. Smith's 11th Grade Class Trigonometry!
Visit this link for access to videos that simplify every topic I teach throughout the year.


First topic is The definition of sine, cosine, and tangent. Here is a description on how to tell which one is which.

Unit circle definition of trig functions: Sal shows how we can extend SOH CAH TOA so that we can define trig functions (sine, cosine, & tangent) for all real numbers.


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Message For All Math Classes

Every Week

Monday:Always pre-read the current chapter BEFORE class.
Tuesday:First weekly class project will be due every Tuesday. This week s is: Equations in the real world.
Wednesday:No classes today.
Thursday:Second weekly classroom group project is due. This week s is: Statistics in the real world.
Friday:Next chapter reading will be assigned for this week and will vary depending on class. See your class page to see your reading assignment.