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Welcome to Mrs. Smith's 11th Grade Classroom!
View original image in a new window. My name is Lacy Smith and I will be your child's math teacher for his/her Junior year.

Chick the name of your class for your work assignments.

Remember you can visit for nightly homework help. Just search for exactly what we are working on and he will have a video on it. His mission is incredible and extremely valuable to math educators everywhere.

Here's a video of him explaining the beauty of algebra...


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Tower View Elementary
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New mexico, USA
800-123-4567 (office)
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Message For All Math Classes

Every Week

Monday:Always pre-read the current chapter BEFORE class.
Tuesday:First weekly class project will be due every Tuesday. This week s is: Equations in the real world.
Wednesday:No classes today.
Thursday:Second weekly classroom group project is due. This week s is: Statistics in the real world.
Friday:Next chapter reading will be assigned for this week and will vary depending on class. See your class page to see your reading assignment.