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Welcome to Magical Memories Private Preschool World Geography

World Geography helps children understand the world around them. We touch on both the physical and cultural aspects of Preschool World Geography. This is our passport to travel and experience the world around us. In our travels, we explore the land, the culture, as well as how others live and much more. We expose the different cultures, lifestyles, and background of all regions so to discuss our differences and likeness and do many other crafts and activities that show our understanding of the world around us.

During our visit to any destination, we must find out all the information that your tour guide has given you during your journey. To get your passport stamped all information must be completed and accurate and validated.

Once we have completed our journey, we get our passport stamped

So please feel free to journey with us on our World Geography travels because it's all about fun and learning.

This week we are traveling to MOROCCO

The region is: AFRICA

The continent is located: NORTH AFRICA

The City: Jerusalem

The is State/Providence/District/Capital is: RABAT

The Population is: In 2007 it was about 35.28 Million

The Language is: Mainly Arabic

Dish to make & try: Baked Chicken, Couscous, Seven Vegetable, Carrot & Orange Salad

History/Facts: In Morocco, it is considered impolite to handle food with the left hand and to say no to meat if it is offered at a meal. Morocco’s national animal is the Barbary lion. Morocco is about the same size as the state of California. The currency in Morocco is called the Dirham.

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